The Tale of Two Entrepeneurs

Quality Craftsmanship &

Attention to ​Detail


How we got here 

My fascination with wood and tools and design is a life long affair.   The first thing I remember building is a bicycle ramp that I know resulted in some badly skinned knees. In addition very early on I received the wonderful gift of a basic draftsman set that allowed me to draw submarines to my heart's content. From building nightstands and tables in high school shop class, to refinishing a full bedroom set in my parent's basement as a young adult, and then on to working for the last eight years in one of the areas's finest finishing shops, where I learned the work professionally from the ground up, my life has brought me to this point of venturing out on my own. I am joining forces with Bridget Scherer, my partner in all meanings of that word, who is the organizational brains and emotional support of this outfit. I love making old things look fabulous, and I also like to think creatively with the customer in coming up with unique finishing looks. I have worked side by side with some of the finest local designers and contractors over this time, including the great people at Urban Evolutions, two of the best custom furniture builders in the Valley, Green and Sons out of Manawa and Der Meister Cabinetry from Appleton, and of course Dean and Ellie at Chilton Upholstery. 

 We look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions you have. 

 Michael Schneider and Bridget Scherer Schneider.